Derek Draper to leave LabourList

Iain Dale has the news that Derek Draper is leaving LabourList:

It has been coming for a while, but I can exclusively reveal that it will be announced tomorrow that Derek Draper will be leaving LabourList to seek “pastures new”. His details were unceremoniously removed from the site last week prompting speculation about his future role following the Smeargate emails. Yesterday LabourList carried an article musing over the future of the site in a “post Draper era” as if it was an inevitability.

And the Guardian has confirmed it:

The career of Labour insider Derek Draper has lurched from the heights of power to disgrace and exile – then back again. Tonight, he seemed set for another spell in the wilderness when he stepped down as editor of the LabourList website in the wake of the No 10 smears scandal.

Back in January I called Draper an “arrogant fool” and predicted that his foray into blogging would “die a death”. Looks like I was right.

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