New libertarian-left blog

The Digger has started a new blog Postings from the Libertarian Left. According to the about page:

The simple aim is to counter the common, false dichotomy between libertarian right and statist left.

We reject the slavish devotion to capitalism, corporate greed, the support of the modern opiate of consumerism and the maintenance of the modern empire of the global free market. We also reject that the only alternative to this is an equally oppressive statist culture that denies the essential liberty of the individual, of families and of communities.

We embrace the principles of liberty, common ownership, the right of every person to hold their means of production and keeping everything (education, housing, health, politics) at the most local level possible.

I welcome this, and hope it suceeds, because I’m of the libertarian left myself.

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One Response to New libertarian-left blog

  1. asquith says:

    I like the idea, though they haven’t really said a great deal yet! I’ll be back though.

    Is owt known about the authors? I am not aware of any blogger using the name The Digger. Though I am familiar with the historical Diggers, having met them when I read Orwell’s praise for Winstanley’s work.

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