Guardian/Barclays documents up on Wikileaks

Remember the documents from Barclays Bank, detailing their tax avoidance schemes, that the Guardian wanted to publish but couldn’t? They’re up on Wikileaks (unfortunately overloaded at the moment).

The link to Wikileaks is being published by Liberal Conspiracy, and these other blogs:Andrew Grant-Adamson, newsjiffy, septicisle, John Band, Richard Murphy / Tax Research UK, CharlieMcMenamin / Excuse me whilst I step outside, Rick B / Ten Percent, D-Notice, BenSix / Back towards the Locus, Aaron H / Tygerland, Jamie K / Blood & Treasure, Pickled Politics, Shiraz Socialist, Common Endeavour, FT Alphaville has its own artists’ rendition, Max Dunbar, Andrew Adams / mutantBlog, Index on Censorship, OurKingdom / openDemocracy, Sean / Error Gorilla, Modernityblog, and last but not least Claude / Hagley Road to Ladywood.

There’s even a logo:


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