Open letter to SanDisk

I recently bought a SanDisk USB flash drive, because it worked with Linux. Here’s the letter I subsequently wrote to them:

FAO Keith Norman, Regional Sales Director, UK & Ireland

Dear Mr Norman,

I recently bought a SanDisk Micro Skin 8 GB USB Flash Drive. I bought
it because it said it works with Linux and had a Linux logo on the
back. I am a Linux user and this is important to me. Having used it, I
am happy with it.

Many computer peripheral suppliers don’t seem to care about Linux, or
whether their products work with it. Sandisk appear to be different.

In future, I will seek out Sandisk products and am likely to prefer
them over your competitors.

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One Response to Open letter to SanDisk

  1. Con says:

    The stock is cheap, SNDK

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