Man arrested for photographing sewer grates

Boing Boing reports that a Manchester man was arrested and held by police for two days because he was suspected of taking a photograph of a sewer grate:

Stephen Clarke […] was accused of taking pictures of sewer-gratings in Manchester and arrested. Though the police couldn’t find any photos of sewer-gratings on his phone (and even though “what a sewer grating looks like” isn’t a piece of specialized terrorist intelligence), he was held on suspicion of planning an act of terror, imprisoned for two days while the police searched his home, his phone and his computer.

I wasn’t aware that photographing sewer grates makes one a terrorist, but if the police say it does then it must do. I’m so glad the authorities are finally going after these evil scum who photograph sewers, instead of wasting their money harrassing honest law-abiding murderers and rapists. It makes me sleep much sounder in my bed at night.

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