Norwegian Minister Wants to Legalize File-Sharing

Norway’s Minister of Education and Research, Bård Vegar Solhjell, like file sharing and wants to legalise it:

Earlier this week the music industry, headed by the IFPI, gave Norway’s largest Internet provider an ultimatum; block access to The Pirate Bay within 14 days or we will take you to court.

ISPs have criticized IFPI’s move, and Pirate Bay’s spokesman Peter Sunde said that “the crazy people behind IFPI should be stopped.” Bård Vegar Solhjell, Minister of Education and Research in Norway sides with Peter in this assessment, as he vouches for the legalization of file-sharing.

In a recent blog post, the minister who is a member of the Socialist Left Party (SV), said that file-sharing is genius, and a great way to discover and access music. “You and I can get access to all the world’s music when we want. Fantastic!” Solhjell wrote on his weblog.

I think this shows which way the wind is blowing. Politicians are beginning to realise that file sharing isn’t going away, that millions of people (read: voters) do it and like it, and it’s best to accept the situation and realise that much good comes of it. For example, Britain’s David Lammy recently rejected harsh action against file-sharers, saying “We can’t have a system where we’re talking about arresting teenagers in their bedrooms”.

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