Climate change is as true as evolution

The irrational waste of space and anti-European bigot, Richard North, says that climate change is just as false as Darwinism.

I haven’t much covered climate change on Amused Cynicism, because I haven’t come to a conclusion about what the truth of the matter is, because while I’m sure I would understand the science behind the theory if I read up on it, it would take me a lot of time and effort to do so, which I can’t be bothered to do. (I do know a fair bit of the science behind evolutionary theory, and have satisfied myself that opponents of evolution are barking mad).

What makes me suspect that it’s true is that a lot of scientists say it is. And a lot of climate change denialists are often evolution denialists, or peak oil denialists (less now since the oil price spike), smoking-causes-cancer denialists, etc. And if the Daily Telegraph publishes articles saying Darwinian evolution is wrong, then they are simply not a serious newspaper.

Of course, you also get irrational nutjobs on the other side — “deep Greens” who are against industrialisation and wary of science and what humanity to return to an agricultural existance.

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