Amused Cynicism drops seven places

Amused Cynicism has dropped 7 places in Wikio’s list of politics blogs, from 54th place to 61st. So I will just have to assassinate the people behind the 60 blogs more popular than me.

Still, I can console myself that while I am less popular than People’s Republic of Mortimer, Labour Matters and Bishop Hill, I’m still more important than Nation of Shopkeepers, Peter Hitchens and Neil Clark.

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4 Responses to Amused Cynicism drops seven places

  1. Jennie says:

    No! Don’t assassinate me! I’ll link to you in the LC netcast to bump up your ratings and everything!

  2. No matter where Labour Matters is placed in that list our readership continues its seemingly relentless rise. LM dropped last month in Wikio too, yet our readership increased. Given the choice, we’ll take increased readership numbers than a position in a dodgy list any day.

  3. cabalamat says:

    Copngratulations on your 56th place, Jennie.

  4. cabalamat says:

    LM dropped last month in Wikio too, yet our readership increased.

    Wikio ratings are based on then umber of links to a blog in other blogs’ RSS feeds. That’s one way of doing it, an other is to count hits. Arguably both are important.

    Incidently I’m thinking of doing a blog-listing website based on hits.

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