Britain to breed a master race of disease-free people

A baby was born in London recently who was genetically screened to make sure she didn’t have a copy of a gene that causes breast cancer:

The first British baby genetically selected to be free of a breast cancer gene has been born, doctors said today. She grew from an embryo screened to ensure it did not contain the faulty BRCA1 gene, which passes the risk of breast cancer down through generations. Any daughter born with the gene has a 50% to 85% chance of developing breast cancer.

Announcing her birth, Paul Serhal, the medical director of the Assisted Conception Unit at the hospital, said: “This little girl will not face the spectre of developing this genetic form of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in her adult life.

This is excellent news and shows how eugenics can improve people’s lives. Of course, we mustn’t call it eugenics, even though that is what it is, because the term frightens some people — maybe we could invent another term like, I don’t know, “good birth”.

Personally I’ll be happiest when it’s discovered which genes are responsible for susceptibility to the mind-virus known as religiosity. Then we can improve the species by eliminating them from future generations.

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