Atheism is caused by moral depravity, says Conservapedia

According to Conservapedia, moral depravity is a common cause of atheism:

Moral depravity: The history of the atheist community and various studies regarding the atheist community point to moral depravity being a causal factor for atheism. In addition, there is the historical matter of deceit being used in a major way to propagate atheism from the time of Charles Darwin onward. Also, Bible exegesis points to the moral depravity of atheists. Moral depravity is certainly one of the prime causes of atheism.

So now you know :-)

One thing about Conservapedia: I never know whether a particular section has been written by a right wing nutjob, or by someone parodying them.

(via Friendly Atheist)

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8 Responses to Atheism is caused by moral depravity, says Conservapedia

  1. tapaninyc says:

    I always thought it would be the other way around: that people become immoral if they don’t believe in anything.

  2. Thaddeus Dombrowski says:


    Why would someone become immoral because they don’t believe in God? That’s as strange as someone deciding not to believe because they are immoral. Which is also as strange as the idea that belief and morality are somehow related.

  3. Samuel Skinner says:

    Poes’ law- no matter how crazy, when it comes to religion odds of being real are higher than you can imagine.

  4. Mark Plus says:

    I wish you theists would get your stereotypes about atheists straight. What about the claim that atheism attracts socially inept loners who can’t get laid:

    BTW, I find it ironic that the same christians who preach sexual abstinence before marriage have also started to also ridicule unmarried male atheists for their alleged inability to find partners for fornication.

  5. Samuel Skinner says:

    Its known as double think. Remember, when God commits atrocities, it is doubleplusgood!

  6. Naumadd says:

    Just for the sake of clarity, “morality” is simple one’s set of values. Every single human being and, it can be argued, many other forms of life have a set of values. Because this is so, all forms of life with values can be said to be ethical or moral creatures. Neither the term “ethical” nor “moral” address the rationality or irrationality of those values. They merely refer to a value set. One’s morality is “rational” or “irrational” as they compare to what is objectively true regarding a living organism – only living organisms require values in the first place – and according to that organisms desired goals. If the organism values life and wishes to continue living, then the rationality or irrationality of that organism’s values will be weigh against that standard. If the living organism’s goal is not to continue living, then the rationality or irrationality of its values will be weighed accordingly. As for the issue of “depraved”, because the term refers to values that are fashionable rather than to values that are objectively rational, the term “depraved” has very poor utility in intellectual debate.

    I must remind the theist crowd that the term “atheist” is a term needed only in their own point of view. Those they may designate as “atheist” have no need of the term themselves. It is not representative of their positive beliefs and values which means they have far better and more accurate labels for themselves that theists dismiss as irrelevant in the theistic mindset. Although the values of someone who theists would label “atheist” may be “depraved” in the theistic view, the values of that individual or group of individuals may, in fact, be very rationally based according to the standards of objective facts and their own individual goals. It is likely and right that non-theists dismiss the theistic judgment as subjective and irrelevant to their non-theist worldview.

    All of this to say the term “depraved”, just as the term “atheist”, is a matter for theists and THEIR values – NOT a matter for those who theists may label “atheist” or “depraved”. It may have some relevance in theistic circles, however, it has little to no relevance to those who dismiss theistic beliefs, values and traditions. As for my own estimation of theistic beliefs, values and traditions, I consider them generally irrational in that they are habitually inconsistent with objective facts and consistently logical reasoning and repeatedly inconsistent with many of their professed goals.

  7. scarf says:

    Wonderfully absurd; thank you Sky Pixie worshippers.
    To avoid upsetting those worshipper worthies, i did capitalize.

  8. tapaninyc says:

    Thaddeus Dombrowski,
    please read my post. I didn’t say anything about God.

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