I have found God

An old post on alt.atheism:

From: pe...@dsinc.com (Jim Perry)
Newsgroups: alt.atheism
Subject: Re: I have found God.

In article <2964136434.3.p00...@psilink.com> "Robert Knowles" <p00...@psilink.com> writes:
>I have a God, too.  Only most people call it a toilet.  I have a special
>room in my house for my God and I visit it several times a day to see
>that it is getting enough water and nutrients.  That way if people ask me
>if I believe in God, I can say:
>   "Of course I believe in God, there has always been a special place for
>   God in my home and I sometimes feel very close to God.  Just knowing
>   that God is there is a source of great comfort to me."

This is one of the best pieces I've read on alt.atheism in a while
(which may tell you what I consider things to have been like lately
;-)  This has great possibilities...

"I once was a great sinner, indulging in strong drink, but one
night in my wickedness I found myself kneeling before God, pouring
out my repentance; evil spirits were expelled from me, and
consumed by God.  I prostrated myself before God then, and slept
the sleep of the innocent."

"Truly our society could not function without God.  Not only is
there a special place in *my* home for God, but in every true
American home and place of business as well.  I know that even
when I travel I can turn to God in my time of need.  Although our
founding fathers did not know God exactly as we do today, they
would never envision an America with no God at all.  Those who
reject God are defiled by their actions and risk spreading their
filth to those around them."
"My thoughts never stray too long away from God.  At times 
when God seems farthest away, that is when then God is foremost 
in my thoughts."
I'm sure now that I will be snickering for weeks at the most innocuous 
of theistic postings...
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One Response to I have found God

  1. scarf says:

    Sky Pixie devotees are not going to be amused…..but i sure am.

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