Britblog Roundup #198

Britblog Roundp #198 has now been put up by Natalie Bennett at Philobiblon.

Incidently, Natalie declined to include a post of mine, More on Internet scammers Davenport Lyons, because she was worried it might be libellous. (I’d best add that I don’t have a problem with Natalie’s decision here — it’s her blog and as such it’s entirely up to her what she puts on it).

Next week, Britblog Roundup will be on Redemption Blues. If you’d like to nominate a post (and please do), email britblog AT gmail DOT com.

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One Response to Britblog Roundup #198

  1. MatGB says:

    It’s actually nice that at least some bloggers do pay attention to the idea that linking to something opens you to legal action as well.

    I think she’s wrong that it might be, but as none of us really know, it has to be her decision, and she actually made it and told you. Yay!

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