On December 25, a saviour was born

On December the 25th, a saviour was born.

He revealed eternal Truth, bringing joy to millions.

He astonished the world with His command over Nature.

He changed history forever.

Thanks to Him and his millions of followers, the world is a better place today, having being drawn out of a dark age of barbaric ignorance and backwardness.

His followers have brought light to millions, have healed the sick, have given children full bellies when otherwise they’d have been hungry, have learnt to fly, can talk to people on different continents, and have even explored other worlds.

All thanks to the brilliant ideas of Sir Isaac Newton, 25 December 1642 — 20 March 1726.

(via Friendly Atheist)

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3 Responses to On December 25, a saviour was born

  1. MatGB says:

    And as an MP he voted for the Bill of Rights. We like Sir Isaac.

  2. Arthur Murgatroyd says:

    Isaac Newton saved nobody from their sins — so in no way can he be described as being a savior.

    Isaac Newton did believe in God, but was not a Christian.
    He held unitarian views and was a follower of Arius.

    Furthermore, Isaac Newton became more interested in alchemy rather than empirical science.

  3. Lunch Admin. says:

    Ha-ha! Awesome!

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