Gagging orders are pointless

Lilian Edwards at panGloss says gagging orders are a waste of time:

Just as we have long had a debate in digicircles about ethical hacking, do we now have to start having it about ethical online leaking?

Thought inspired by the much bally hooed leak of the entire BNP membership list in breach of court injunction.

WikiLeaks has of course been in this business for a long time – but I suspect rather more of the UK population than before has just begun to wake up to the world in which court gagging orders are simply a waste of time.

She’s right of course; once information is out on the net, you can’t gag it and trying to is a waste of time. This and the case of Peter Connelly (aka Baby P) are just examples of something that will only get more widespread. Similarly with libel laws — when people like Alisher Usmanov try to suppress derogatory information about themselves, that information instead becomes known to more people.

Is this really, finally, the transparent society, and if so, do we like it?

Society will continue to become more transparent; whether we like it or not is irrelevant because it will happen anyway.

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One Response to Gagging orders are pointless

  1. Scott says:

    Here via some recent posts on livejournal.

    I agree with the general principle – but note that Nadmi Auchi seems to have made a pretty good job of suppressing stories throughout the UK, with little of the fuss from the blogging community here that greeted the Usmanov business.

    Best wishes


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