Alternative aviation

You’ve heard of alternative medicine, haven’t you? Well here’s alternative aviation:

We need Alternative Aviation, or AA.

Americans want choice. Americans are increasingly using alternative aviation. A recent government study suggests that 75% of Americans have attempted some form of alternative flight, which includes everything from ultralights to falling, tripping and use of bungee cords.


The underlying philosophy of AA is simple. People need to be free to choose their mode of flight based on alternative concepts of gravity and alternative airplane design.

Current Western reductionist concepts of gravity revolve around European white men and their understanding of the universe through the scientific ‘method’ of experimentation. The current concept of gravity from Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, whereby ‘mass’ causes ‘space-time’ to ‘warp’ and this is what Science calls gravity. This theory (and remember it is just a theory) is only one narrow way of defining gravity, one way of knowing gravity. There are other ways of knowing and an equal number of ways to understand gravity and flight. Alternative aviation operates using holistic, environmentally friendly, passenger centric methodologies the allow the passenger to be involved with all aspects of their airline flight. By actively applying the concepts of complementary and alternative medicine to the airline industry the successful revolution that has occurred in health care can now be seen in air transportation.

Airplane design

Current airplane design is based upon a white male Western European model of what powered flight should look like. Long metal tubes with wings are a phallic design that insults the sensibilities of women, who have an alternative, more natural, emotional, way of understanding airplane design. In the one size fits all design of allopathic airlines, alternative designs are ignored and airplane design utilizing the ideas and esthetics of indigenous peoples and ancient flying traditions are derided as primitive and unscientific, despite centuries of successful use.

(via Denialism blog)

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One Response to Alternative aviation

  1. George Carty says:

    More seriously, if non-Western countries ever became major aviation players, how would their aircraft differ from Western ones?

    Old Soviet aircraft had huge undercarriages (for poor-quality runways) and sometimes bomber-style glass noses (for visual navigation in areas without electronic navigational aids).

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