The International Olympic Committee is evil

The IOC is evil. Why? Because they are a bunch of corporatist totalitarians who hate free speech. Consider:

The International Olympic Committee has trademarked a line from the Canadian national anthem, “with glowing hearts,” and is threatening to sue anyone who uses the line in Canada, as part of the Vancouver Games.

This is par for the course. The IOC is a corrupt, bullying, greedy, hypocritical organization that uses trademark laws to limit the free speech and commerce of people who have the misfortune to attend or live near the games — for example, in Athens, they forced people to take off or cover up t-shirts that had logos for companies that hadn’t paid to sponsor the Olympics; and in Washington, they attacked decades-old businesses named after nearby Mount Olympia.

The Olympics cloak themselves in the rhetoric of international cooperation and development, but everything they touch turns to garbage: totalitarian surveillance camps where corporate greed rules all. The Canadian IOC ought to be disbanded over this — it’s an affront to the entire nation.

I think that after the London games in 2012, the Olympics should return permanently to Olympia in Greece. It should be run by the Greeks or some international committee (maybe the EU could get involved with it) but no-one from the IOC should be allowed to have any say at all in it. If the IOC want to run their own alternative Olympic games they should be allowed to do so, but should not be allowed to use the word “Olympics” or any other word derived from a European place name. All European countries should send their athletes to the games at Olympia, and athletes from the rest of the world would also be invited. This would:

1. remove the power of the corrupt IOC

2. end the often politically contentious decision about where to hold the Olympics

3. allow the same sporting facilities to be reused every games, saving money

4. return a European cultural institution to Europe

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