Zimbabwe power-sharing deal

Foreign Policy Passport is sceptical about the power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe:

On paper, today’s agreement represents a huge change. Three decades of ruling alone are over for Mugabe. Tsvangirai will be prime minister, with many governing responsibilities.

Then you add the backdrop, as seen in the above video coverage, and it becomes clear: Perhaps nothing but the paper has changed.

Tsvangirai, playing his role as opposition, spoke about the need for reform. Mugabe, playing the wise old ruler, lamented what he calls foreign intervention from his favorite scapegoats: former colonial power Britain and the United States. They were two men giving radically different speeches — the first crafted and the second rambling — as if unaware of one another. Mugabe never acknowledged Tsvangirai as prime minister. Tsvangirai buried his head in his hands as Mugabe spoke.

I’m sceptical too, though if Tsvangirai really gets meaningful power, it’s a chance for Zimbabwe to get prosperity and lawfulness.

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