LHC will open a portal to hell!

The Large Hadron Collider, when it is switched on, will open up a portal to hell through which the devil and his satanic minions will travel to earth, to have sex with earth women. Oh and by the way, the EU is the Antichrist, and “all the Euriopean coins have blasphemous depictions on them”. (This last part isn’t true, although the 2 Euro coin did used to have a picture of a cock on it (it’s over the word “EURO”)).

That’s what this guy says, anyway:

Personally I think it would be much cooler if the LHC makes the stars right for Great Cthulhu, who will awake from his slumber and devour us all.

(via The Yorksher Gob, Paul Alexander Mudie)

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3 Responses to LHC will open a portal to hell!

  1. Jennie says:

    Oh I wish the stars were right. I have been assiduous in my devotion.

  2. megadranix says:

    Lol… yeah this guy is hilarious. He gives Christianity a bad name.

  3. mmmm says:

    they will trun it on hellween interesting

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