Bizarre Microsoft ad

Microsoft have released a bizarre ad featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. You can see it at Computerworld (toward the bottom of the page), or here:

Is this, as Preston Gralla writes, “the worst TV ad ever”:

The entire spot plays off a lame joke about Bill Gates buying cheap shoes at a cut-rate discount store. The ad isn’t funny, has absolutely no point, and is about as boring a minute and a half as you’ll ever spend.

I certainly couldn’t find any redeeming features in it. If it’s meant as a counter to Apple’s “I’m a Mac” adverts, it’s crap, and furthermore it’s just strengthening the point that Apple’s adverts make.

(via Slashdot)

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One Response to Bizarre Microsoft ad

  1. megadranix says:

    I think there is a hidden meaning behind everything here. Its that or Windows marketing is gearing up to something big and wants us to be caught off guard when they do the punchline.

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