Sweden and Finland consider joining NATO

Winds of Change is reporting that Sweden and Finland are starting to consider joining NATO, in response to Russian aggression against Georgia:

Russia’s actions have even prompted renewed debate in Sweden and Finland about joining NATO. Speaking of Finland, Max Boot makes a very different point. Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine, has the means to defend itself

This is welcome news, and what I had hoped for.

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7 Responses to Sweden and Finland consider joining NATO

  1. kennedy121 says:

    “…in response to Russian aggression against Georgia…”

    You mean Russian agression in the sense that Georgia attacked South Ossetia first?? Something even the Economist accepts.

  2. cabalamat says:


    No I measn Russian aggression in that they are still occupying large parts of Georgia.

  3. yokosuna says:

    Our politicians in Europe are rather mysterious.
    Has the NATO payed money to the politicians in Sweden and Finland? Are they corrupt?
    Must be, because there is no danger from Russia at all. Putin ist one of the finest Politicians on the planet. I mean on a hit-list where all Politicians are compared.
    Poland and Tschechoslowakia need atomics, oh God, how many fools and corrupt politicians are there around?
    Every nuclear weapon is dangerous for the people on the earth. If a country has no nuclear weapons it can not start a nuclear world war. Look, children are not allowed to play with fire and it seems that our leaders are not more intelligent as children, but they get nuclear weapons to play with.
    US military is using uran ammunition so that there is no need to store the uran waste.
    Uran waste is so distributed all over. It is also very unhealthy for the soldiers.
    America always needs some enemies, they are searching some or they invent some.
    War must be, because the weapons should be used.
    Maybe the US folk likes to be always in a war situation?
    Will they never learn?

    I think that Russia is occupying that parts, because they do not like to show weakness.
    They are like nasty children all together.
    When there are soldiers and weapons in action, we can not expect a fast and easy way for peace.
    People have a mouth to speak to each other. This would be a much better way to handle problems.

  4. Mikael says:


    This “Join Nato / Dont Join” talk has been going on for well over 15 years now, and the official goverment respons has been “We think about, maybe someday in the future, dunno”.

    minority of Finlands population wants to join, majority doesnt and 3rd part has not formed and opinion.

    And as Sweden has already stated that it will not join NATO unless Finland also joins…

    Finland has “warm” economic ties to Russia, and if they get warmer I see no reason to for Finland to join NATO.

    Btw, according to international studies Finland and Sweden have the least corrupt goverment in the world, the whole idea that “NATO” would bribe few politicians when over 50% of popualation is against NATO is silly.

  5. yokosuna says:

    super, that are good news.
    I would be really unhappy, if Finland and Sweden join the NATO, because that could start the “cold war” again.

  6. Finnish freedom says:

    Yokasuna, your retarded. Go back to russia.

  7. Arthur Murgatroyd says:

    Finland should do a deal with the Russian Federation.

    The Russian Federation returns Karelia to Finland and Finland guarantees that it will not join NATO.

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