Where the law is secret

In California it’s a crime to tell someone what the law is. No, really.

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One Response to Where the law is secret

  1. yokosuna says:

    I have reflected about that and found out the two reasons. ;-)

    1. The private owned prisons need more “clients” to become full. If everybody knows the law, he has the possibility to do right, and that is too easy. Better the law stays a secret and everybody who done wrong is suprised and is put into jail. This is learning by doing.

    2. The government is really proud of the law and wants that the people admire the statute book very high. They have done fine work and the people should pay for this great feat. If something is for free, the people guess, it has no worth. You can compare it with the work of a song writer or an author. Maybe the government wants to sell the statute books and make some cash or is it really completely secret and nobody, but the writer, is allowed to know the content? What about the lawmen, will they use the cookery book in the future for their work?

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