Palin: God told USA to invade Iraq

Apparently God told the USA to invade and occupy Iraq, according to Sarah Palin:

A 14-minute video of a speech the Alaska governor delivered in June to the Wasilla, Alaska, Assembly of God Church and posted Tuesday on the Huffington Post Web site showed her saying the United States’ involvement in Iraq is “a task that is from God.”

God also apparently told Palin to build a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Alberta, Canada.

Palin was silent about whether God had informed George Bush that there were not in fact any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Nor has Palin (to my knowledge) opined on whether Hurricane Gustav is God showing his displeasure with the Republican Party by raining on their Convention.

(via American Footprints)

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12 Responses to Palin: God told USA to invade Iraq

  1. unastronaut. says:

    Hagee and Parsley now look tame in comparison. Of course this isn’t “radical” in Hannity’s America because Sarah Palin’s not black.

  2. yokosuna says:

    and a bank robber says to the judge: “God has told me to go in and ask or money…”

    God is not guilty for the bad that people are doing, that is for sure.

  3. Marianne says:

    Actually, God did predict and endorse a war with Iraq (Babylon) for the end times. So technically she is right. There was to be a coalition of many nations who would bring down the king of Babylon. This is how the war started. The king was to be punished for his wickedness.

    God usually uses one’s enemies to come in and punish people, when they are wicked.

    Also, there is a description of arrows not missing their targets. We now have guided missile systems. We can aim a missile right into a building’s window.

    Also, the king would be overcome with fear and be as a trembling woman in anguish. Sadaam was found hiding in a covered hole in his home town.

    Sadaam was a vicious dictator, and was killing multitudes of innocent people in his own country. So, Yes, it was God’s will to stop him. God will act again on that country in the somewhat near future, because of the terrorists causing civil war there.

    New Orleans had just made 100 million dollars from the gays to hold their annual Southern Decadence convention. This was also true when Katrina hit. God hates sexual perversion, and has destroyed entire cities over this in the bible record.


  4. cabalamat says:

    @3 marianne: New Orleans had just made 100 million dollars from the gays to hold their annual Southern Decadence convention. This was also true when Katrina hit. God hates sexual perversion, and has destroyed entire cities over this

    As we know, hurricanes, earthquakes etc, happen quite often and in many differnet parts of the worlds.

    One theory — yours — is that they are a punishment from God for “sexual perversion” (however you define that).

    Another theory — that of science — is that earthquakes are caused by plate tectonics, and hurricanes by weather phenomena.

    So, how do we tell which theory is correct? That’s actually quite easy: we see what predictions each theory has of where future such phenomena will happen. So for example, the sexual perversion theory would attempt to measure the degree of perversion in different cities around the world (is it the absolute number of perverts, or the proportino that matters, I wonder?) and use that to predict which places are more likely to suffer hurricanes, earthqukes, etc.

    (I wonder is someone like Answers In Genesis has tried this?)

  5. clancop says:

    Truth to this story is that the key line is taken out of context. Even the Huffington Post gave us the full quote, stating that she didn’t support the war, the surger, etc because God told her.

    Nice try, but NO, not even close…

  6. mehreenkasana says:

    I can’t believe she said something like that.

    It’s actually like implying God wanted Bush to kill thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with America’s security problems. Including innocent women and children.

  7. George Carty says:

    Religious intolerance can backfire spectacularly. Think of the Monophysites of the 7th-century Levant, the Copts in Egypt in the same era, or the Orthodox Christians of the 13th Century (time of the Fourth Crusade). Or for that matter the Jews of eighth-century Spain, clapped into slavery by their Visigothic rulers…

    A fictional future example is provided by American Catholics in “Prayers for the Assassin”. Presumably the “Bible Belt” (resurrected Confederacy) in that book is run by rabidly anti-Catholic Jack Chick types…

  8. yokosuna says:

    but you should concede, that there are people in the USA who believe, that God wanted the USA to attack the Irak.

    so in your opinion we should believe, that God wanted the USA to attack the Iraq, although there were no Al-Qaeda-terrorists and no weapons for mass destruction there. God wanted the American soldiers to kill approx. 1200000 people in Irak with the “exact flying” missiles. God wanted that approx. 4000 American mothers of soldiers lose their sons and daughters. God wanted that the American President and his friends make a lot of money with weapons and with the oil business. Got wanted that the good work of Bill Clinton is finished and replaced by persons who ruin the name and the economy of America. God wanted that America has a lost of 3 Bill. Dollar and the other World another 3 Bill. Dollar, because of that unpardonable war.
    No, I won’t believe that. God is against it. And the pope has said it very often.

    I can not believe, that God wanted, that some US-soldiers bring very heavy sexual perversions to the prisoners in Iraq (Abu Ghraib).
    This is the final proof that God was against this war.

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  10. Marianne says:

    You believe a lot of falsehoods. The USA did not murder all those people. The Terrorists did, and continue to do so. You are listening to liberal and Islamic propaganda.

    Earthquakes, on the surface, have natural causes, but God is the creator of those tectonic plates, and He is in control of what happens.

    There are hundreds of thousands of troops that have been in Iraq. To look at the behavior of 3 people is not representative of all the soldiers.

    See this video:
    Joe Cook, an Iraq Veteran tells the opinion of the military about the Iraq war.

    thanks and God bless you

  11. cabalamat says:

    @10 Marianne: Earthquakes, on the surface, have natural causes, but God is the creator of those tectonic plates, and He is in control of what happens.

    How would one go about proving or disproving that theory? Is it even falsifiable?

  12. yokosuna says:

    Hi Marianne,

    the reason, that these people are now death was the US attack and the US occupation.
    In Europe no government wanted to help America with the attack, because they did not find weapons for mass destruction there. They searched and searched, but didn’t find any.**
    Bush-government wanted this war very much and the Europeans were not able to stop him, the pope has said “no” to the war.
    At the video you can see, that the soldier has lost one leg. There are a lot of soldiers who were injured in Iraq. I have forgotten to say this. The soldiers are poor, because of that, and this are also costs for America. They need help in the future, because they will not be able to work and earn money themselves. There are also a lot of soldiers who will never understand, that they have killed people, because good people have a conscience.
    Do you think, that only 3 soldiers did wrong? We do not know the truth.
    The soldiers are young and when there is no superior officer of character around, maybe they will do wrong.
    Maybe they made revenge sometimes?
    Why are there still troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    I thought that the USA has made this countries free?
    Have you ever heard, that Saddam was supported by the CIA to become the dictator of Iraq?
    Have you ever heard, that US military uses Uran-waste-ammunition? That is unhealthy for everybody who handles with it.

    Vietnam was bad and without sence, a lot of veterans say this…

    ** and if there were mass destruction weapons in Iraq, there are a lot of countries who have them too.

    I think, that God is watching us, and once He will make us responsible for our behavior.
    I think, there are no “interventions” of God.

    God bless you, and let us keep peace on earth.

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