Evil Russian Empire shoots critic

While I am no fan of Britain’s libel laws and the way they are used to silence websites, at least Britain is better in this regard than Russia, where a man was recently murdered by the police for running a website critical of the government:

A vocal critic of the Kremlin’s policies in the Caucasus died Sunday from a bullet wound to the head while in police custody. Magomed Yevloyev founded and ran the website ingushetiya.ru, a major source of information in the region, and was a prominent opponent of the pro-Kremlin president of Ingushetia, Murat Zyazikov.

Prosecutors have opened a preliminary manslaughter investigation after Yevloyev was shot in a police car in Narzan, the capital of volatile Ingushetia, a mostly Muslim region that borders Chechnya, Russian media reported.

“Magomed Yevloyev was arrested today in Ingushetia and was killed”, said a report posted on www.ingushetiya.ru. The website is among the most visited for news on Ingushetia and had openly criticised the Ingush president who had often threatened to shut it down.

Russia is an evil empire which invades its neighbours and is a threat to everyone near it. That’s why we need to stand up to these bastards — Europe needs to be strongly defended, Finland and Sweden should join NATO, the EU needs to have a common defence policy and a cohesive foreign policy, countries such as Germany that aren’t pulling their weight need to increase military spending to 2% of GDP, we should be less dependent on Russian gas and oil (preferably not buying any from Russia), and we should aim to spread separatist sentiment in parts of Russia that might want to become independent (e.g. Chechnya).

Oh and if MI5 think they’ve got a chance of poisoning Putin with polonium, they should give it a go.

(via Slashdot)

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4 Responses to Evil Russian Empire shoots critic

  1. dadatroll says:

    Obama will kick the shit out of Putin. I mean, the guy used to be a community organizer, after all. Watch out, Russia!

  2. John Collontano says:

    Real bright….President Bush looked deep into Putins eyes a few years ago and admired the man because he was “honest”. And this president is a warrior (or sort of, anyway .. although he knew he was safe from Vietnam becaus he stayed home to protect the US southern border from the VC), and he has a great handle on foreign affairs.
    As for McCain … bottom 5 in his class … says he really didn’t want to be a Navy dude, crashed a few training planes before getting a real jet. Became a phenominal hero that deserved the Medal of Honor. Came home and went back to being a selfish dolt who really didn’t have a handle on anything. Being Senator is his BEST position. He’s good at it, just as Edward Kennedy would’ve been a disastrous president but is a great Senator.
    What should McCain do as president to “kick Putin’s ass”? attack with a non existent force on Russia’s home turf? Just a-bomb them back to the stone age?.
    As for Obama … lucky person, wicked smarter than Bush and McCain combined … great knowledge of what to do concerning major issues, but alas, almost all the wazoos of “middle” America who still get all their info from narrow, select sources will not elect a non-white for president, no matter how good or qualified. As for you. You have to be 18 to vote and you are obviuosly 14, so you don’t even count.

  3. dadatroll says:

    Yeah? Well, my biography is very close to Obama’s except for two things: I never was a community organizer, and I am not Black. I wonder which one prevents me from being the Democratic nominee.

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