Is Sarah Palin an “Aunt Tom”?

Is Sarah Palin overly deferential towards men and refusing to stand up for women’s rights (such as the right to bodily autonomy)? Mle292 says:

Is there such a thing as an “Aunt Tom?
This Palin thing is all about what’s horribly wrong with our culture. Women who are stupid, pretty and willing to go along with the idea that women are inferior will excel. Intellectually brilliant women (like Michelle Obama) are to be vilified for not knowing their place.

Y’know what’s going to happen? She’s going to be in a debate with Joe Biden, he’s going to wipe the floor with her and she’s going to be portrayed as the helpless victim.

There may be something in this. After all quite a lot of male voters probably prefer women who are not thick exactly but are intellectually unthreatening.

(via The Yorksher Gob)

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4 Responses to Is Sarah Palin an “Aunt Tom”?

  1. clancop says:

    Wow, sexist. I guess we should be thankful though that it wasn’t another attack on her child with Down syndrome. Alan Colmes tried that approach yesterday on his blog and the response wasn’t pretty.

  2. Percy Kution says:

    Before you can answer that question you’d have to know whether or not she shaves her bush. I sure hope not!! With that luxurious dark hair of hers she’s bound to have a nice blackbirds nest between her thighs. IF she hasn’t ruined it.

  3. Percy Kution says:

    You say B. Hussein Obama’s wife is “intellectually brilliant”. I say her IQ won’t match her age. And furthermore, she’s the ugliest, nastiest looking thing I’ve seen a politician with except for that GERMAN SHEPHERD Pretty Boy Edwards was running with.

  4. cabalamat says:

    Percy Kution: You say B. Hussein Obama’s wife is “intellectually brilliant”.

    No I don’t, I’m quoting someone else who says that.

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