What do people think of brands?

Brand Tags allows people to say what they think of various brands, and collates the results.

What do people think of Microsoft? The most popular 25 answers are:

windows, bill gates, computer, monopoly, software, computers, crap, gates, shit, pc, sucks, big, boring, money, office, word, bill, microsoft, corporate, giant, old, crash, evil empire, lame

And what do they think of Linux? Again here’s the most popular 25 answers:

linux, penguin, cute, tux, free, geek, open source, cold, nerd, ice, happy feet, open, pingu, ?, linus, kids, computer, nerds, fat, nothing, huh?, toy, unix, cool, freedom

The top ten brands are:

1. Pixar has 168 wins out of 194 (86.6%)
2. Adidas has 301 wins out of 356 (84.55%)
3. Ferrari has 303 wins out of 370 (81.89%)
4. Google has 301 wins out of 370 (81.35%)
5. Lego has 317 wins out of 398 (79.65%)
6. YouTube has 281 wins out of 358 (78.49%)
7. Nike has 304 wins out of 388 (78.35%)
8. M&Ms has 298 wins out of 383 (77.81%)
9. Heineken has 280 wins out of 360 (77.78%)
10. Canon has 281 wins out of 362 (77.62%)

It would be interesting to re-do this with countries, political parties, religions, celebrities, or famous dead people. Though I suspect the results in some cases would be contentious.

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