Georgian foreign ministry news service

The Georgian foreign ministry has set up a news service on Blogspot: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

It appears that, contrary to the statement of Russia President Medvedev, the Russians are continuing to attack Georgia:

Tuesday, August 12 – 15:00 Tbilisi, Georgia

URGENT: Russian jets currently bombing Georgian villages outside South Ossetia

Despite the Russian President’s claims earlier this morning that military operations against Georgia have been suspended, at this moment, Russian fighter jets are bombarding two Georgian villages utside South Ossetia—specifically, these are the villages of Ruisi in the Kareli region and the village of Sakoringo in the Kaspi region. Also, at 2:00 pm in the village of Agara in the Khashuri region, also outside South Ossetia, Russian military forces bombed and destroyed an ambulance.

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