Stupidest comments about the South Ossetia War

I’m doing a competition to find what’re the stupidest comments about the war between Russia and Georgia. Nominations so far…

(1) Blaming it on Israel, because, well they’re eeeevil scheming Joooos aren’t they? From Indymedia:

Once again Israel starts a war that others will have to clean up.

Only a year ago I was speculating that Israel’s real agenda might be to trick the US and Russia into a mutually destructive war, leaving Israel and its nuclear weapons in control of the Middle East and its oil.

This is especially interesting contrasted against the recent revelations which support the antiwar movement’s contention that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was about oil & gas pipeline routes from the Caspian Sea Basin.

Damn, I hate being right all the time.

(2) A comment on Harry’s Place by someone called “MattG” which claims that because the “left” is reporting the war, they therefore don’t care who wins it:

Actually, I suspect no-one gives a shite. Resistor, Iriot, chronic….they come and they go…..

Back on topic, and not giving the ‘Israel started it’ even the remotest nanosecond of credibility; what has been interesting is how the ‘left’, the beeb, the grauniad and the media in general don’t really give a monkey’s about what is happening.

Yes, its being reported…it is after all a news story. But the whole humanitarian disaster, genocide, war-crimes, mass graves etc etc type of outrage seems now to be exclusively reserved for something that can be blamed on Israel or America.

Anyone got any other nominations?

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2 Responses to Stupidest comments about the South Ossetia War

  1. bensix says:

    Harry’s Place for starting up another front against the far left. Admittedly, the quoted Galloway article is bloody idiotic but it’s also rather irrelevant.

  2. ruben2008 says:

    I find the comparison of South Ossetia to Kosovo pretty stupid too. While not funny at all it still can make your list.
    If 70,000 can make a country than let’s do the same with Chinatown in Manhattan. There are ten times more people living there. And they have some good bargains to offer (illegal of course otherwise what’s the fun).

    For a serious analysis of why South Ossetia cannot be compared to Kosovo go to:

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