South Ossetia Roundup

A summary of blogging reaction to the war in South Ossetia.

Nosemonkey reports that Russia is bombing Georgia itself, not just South Ossetia. And Russian president Medvedev is calling the Russian invasion a “peace enforcement operation”.

Tbilisi resident Wu Wei is considering evacuating, and the practical aspects of being bombed.

Also based in Tbilisi, Doug Merrill thinks Georgia’s capital was very normal as he drove around this morning.

Edward Lucas thinks Georgia has seriously overplayed its hand:

When is a victory not a victory? When it dents your country’s image, scares your allies and gets you into an unwinnable war with a hugely stronger opponent.

That is the bleak outlook for Georgia this weekend, after what initially looked like a quick military win against the separatist regime in South Ossetia. Georgia’s attack followed weeks of escalating provocations, including hours of heavy shelling by the Russian-backed breakaway province and signs of large-scale Russian reinforcement.

Political Betting notes the geopolitical issues:

This conflict could be significant for a number of reasons. Georgia is extremely keen to become a member of NATO – a position supported in principle by the US, with France and Germany the staunchest advocates against her admission. Russia is understandably opposed, seeing this as evidence that NATO is still strategically a means of chaining the Great Bear. Continental Europe lives in fear that angering Putin or Medvedev could have a detrimental effect on oil and gas supplies from the East. Russia is concerned that a broader alliance of NATO and former Soviet-bloc countries would threaten its growing presence on the global stage. It is worth noting that had Georgia already been admitted to NATO, then that organisation (including the US and UK) would be forced to help Georgia repel the Russian incursion into South Ossetia.

Had I been Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, I would have waited until I was in NATO before provoking the bear.

Matthew Sinclair agrees with me that Western nations have “perilously little spine”.

I plan to do regular updates on the South Ossetian war as developments come in. If you have any blogs or blog entries you’d like me to include, let me know, either in the comments section to this article, or by email to cabalamat (at) googlemail (dot) com.

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One Response to South Ossetia Roundup

  1. Bob van den Eijkhof says:

    To this day we know Russia is the stronger country military wise, they have put their fear into Georgia by showing just that (entering the country with with an unnecessary abundant force, killing a vast amount civilians and then leaving again like nothing had happened)… hoping this fear will generate respect and future obedience to the Mother country. However and I quote… no, not from the Bible but from a known green midget source saying “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” I pray the latter will not come to be, for the the day will surely come when Russia has burned its own bridges across the world and when allies are running short.

    As it is today what has happened will be forgotten in the stream of news from the Olympic Games, another thousand or so people have lost their lives due to Russians atempt to set the status que in balance. but in the end of the day we now that ” Fear is the path to the dark side”!

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