Terrorism in China

When I heard of the recent terrorist attacks in China in the run-up to the Olympics, my first thought was: I wonder if the Chinese government did it, to get sympathy for their security clampdowns and to paint Uighur separatists as bin Ladenist terrorists.

On reflection, probably not.

But it’s interesting that Jonathan Calder and Craig Murray had the same suspicions.

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One Response to Terrorism in China

  1. Ness says:

    I would put nothing past the CCP.

    The Olympics has never interested me much, but this time, it’s been a good excuse for me to become more informed about what the Chinese govt. has been doing to its citizens, and how the west is complicit in the human rights abuses, censorship, and environmental disasters because of our heavy investment there. It’s like the US government (speaking of the govt. I know the most about) is accepting hush money. It’s disgusting. The nonprofit org I work for has compiled research on the Olympics and China that I welcome interested parties to check out– http://www.issuelab.org/closeup/Aug_2008

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