The war on drugs don’t work

From Boing Boing:

According to a new international study, the United States has the highest rates of pot and coke use, followed by New Zealand. The other 15 countries surveyed by the World Health Organization didn’t even come close. Approximately 42.4 percent of those surveyed in the US say they’ve used marijuana, with 20.2 percent admitting to having tried the drug by age 15.

So the country with biggest war on drugs has the most drug use. I’m not the least bit surprised by this — but then, is anyone?

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3 Responses to The war on drugs don’t work

  1. George Carty says:

    The drug trade is so astonishingly lucrative that nothing short of the death penalty for dealers will work…

  2. Matt W says:

    Hmmm ;-)

    I wonder which way round the causality works on that one.

    As I understand it, the countries with the biggest drugs problems are those where it is grown.

    Wonder which way round the causality works on that one, too.


  3. Constantin says:

    Well, its hard to comment when a post refers to “a new international study”. Would that be the same study that identified the birth place of Big Foot?

    Anyway no one is surprised that fifty years of liberal perversion of America’s culture and soul created , among other equally desirous results, a nation of junkies.
    The “war on drugs” is just another example of fighting the symptoms rather then the disease.
    To paraphrase Mike Savage, liberalism is a mental disease( he says disorder but that wouldn’t flow as well in my post would it?) and that is what must be treated.

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