Superstition schools teach superstition

I have long argued that “faith school” is a misnomer and that the term “superstition school” is more accurate. This story bears me out. It appears that that in 40 British superstition schools, in science lessons instead of the reality of evolution, kids are being taught the superstition known as creationism:

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has reacted to news that there are at least 40 schools in Britain which teach creationism in science lessons. The figures were revealed in a report broadcast on More 4 News on Tuesday, and are the result of inquiries made to 50 Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim schools.

Andrew Copson, BHA Director of Education and Public Affairs said:

“It is appalling that there are thousands of children in Britain who are being taught that evolution is a myth and creationism a fact. It is even worse that almost 1,000 of those children attend schools funded by taxpayers, which teach creationism despite national guidance that it has no place in the science classroom. We are glad that the government is currently producing new guidance on how to deal with creationism in schools but it is crucial that school inspectors are also trained to check faith schools rigorously for the teaching of creationism or intelligent design.”

The report broadcast on More 4 News on Tuesday 2 July 2008 found that:

14 of the 19 Jewish schools that responded teach creationism.

All 21 of the Evangelical schools following the Accelerated Christian Education syllabus that responded teach creationism.

5 of the 10 Islamic schools that responded teach creationism.

In all there are 5,822 pupils in the schools teaching creationism mentioned in the report. Of these, 992 are in one of the 5 state schools that admitted teaching creationism.

Regarding the 5 state schools involved, if they are teaching creationism in science lessons, the teachers and head teachers involved should be sacked and charged with misuse of public funds.

But there is also a more serious aspect to this. To prosper in the modern world, Britain needs a large and successful high-tech  sector to its economy — the alternative would be to compete on price with countries where people get paid 50p an hour. Having such a thing not only helps those people who work in it, it also raises the wages of those who don’t (which is why shop assistants and hairdressers earn more in Britain than they do in Vietnam). Biotech is and will be an important part of these high-tech industries, and teaching kids superstitious nonsense in place of science isn’t going to do them or anyone else any good.

So they are not only propagating their backward and ignorant superstitions, they are actively undermining the UK economy.

(via Pagan Prattle)

UPDATE: you can see the report on the Channel 4 website.

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