God-botherer wants his hands on TV license payers’ money

Stephen Green, of the organisation Christian Voice, tried to get the BBC charged with blasphemy for broadcasting the programme Jerry Springer The Opera. He lost, and was ordered to pay the BBC’s costs:

The head of lobby group Christian Voice had been ordered to pay £90,000 in costs after losing his long-running battle against the show and its screening on BBC Two.

Now he wants licence-fee payers to cover his bill, saying it would be a better way of spending viewers’ money than funding BBC Three and Four.

The BBC’s solicitors, who acted for director-general Mark Thompson, were awarded £55,000 in cost and Olswangs Solicitors, who acted for Jon Thoday, of producers Avalon, were awarded £35,000.

The High Court ruled last December that Green could not prosecute the pair over the show, written by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas.

The money was due yesterday, but Green says he doesn’t have it – and will have to go bankrupt if forced to pay up. He has written to both Thompson and Thoday inviting them to waive their costs ‘in the interests of goodwill and justice’.

So, let’s get this right. This spiteful shit tried to get TV producers banged up for blasphemy, failed, and now wants his costs to be paid by the TV license payer “in the interests of goodwill”. Goodwill??? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

I have a better idea: Stephen Green can get his imaginary friend in the sky to pay his bills. I’m sure if he’s as chummy with his imaginary friend as he says he is, this won’t be a problem.

The TV license exists to pay for the production of TV programmes. It does not exist to bail out people who oppose the making of TV programmes, and particularly those who in their own folly do so in such a way as to bankrupt themselves.

(via New Humanist)

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3 Responses to God-botherer wants his hands on TV license payers’ money

  1. Sao Paulo says:

    “The TV license exists to pay for the production of TV programmes.”

    What planet do you come from ?

  2. cabalamat says:

    Earth. And you?

    (I’m not saying no BBC money is now wasted; I expect there is wasyte in all lasrge organisations. But I see no reason swhy there should be more waste.)

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