New Disney Tax will annoy prospective visitors to USA

The USA is proposing a law, the Travel Promotion Act (see also here, and here) which would oblige visitors to the USA to pay a tax of $25 which would trhen be spent by Disney and other large tourism corporations to promote their attractions.

This is, of course, unlikely to promote tourism. As Henry Farrell puts it:

This seems to me to be one of the more straightforwardly stupid legislative proposals of the recent past. As someone who used to visit the US a lot before I became a permanent resident, I can testify that I would have found it extremely galling to have to fork over $25 to subsidize glossy brochures for the US tourist industry, and would have likely restricted my travel to the US as a result.

What this law will in fact to is harm the US toursit industry while at the same time line the pockets of large players in that industry, such as Disney — which is why it’s been dubbed the Mickey Tax or Disney Tax.

If the USA really wanted to promote tourism, they should cut back on the TSA’s security theatre and make sure that the worst excesses by custom officials resulted in the sacking and possible imprisonment of said officials.

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