Labour and the Tories

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Adam Bienkov ponders on the likelihood that the Tories will win the next general election, and wonders which right-wing bloggers will simply toe the Tory party line, and which will attack them for their failings:

Now that the Tories are dead-certs to get their greasy hands on the rudder, it will be interesting to see which way the right-wing blogosphere will turn. Although some like Iain Dale will merge indistinguishably into the new establishment, others especially those on the Libertarian Right will face more of a dilemma.

Because right-wing and anti-establishment blogs have flourished under New Labour. The Freedom of Information Act and the daily soap opera that was the Blair vs Brown show have provided them with reams of winning material. They have used this material along with the tools of ridicule, rumour and humour to fight for the the golden pot of Labour destruction at the end of an ever-retreating rainbow.

And like the unofficial coalitions set up to oust Blair, new coalitions will be forged between left-wing and libertarian blogs as the Tories inevitably reveal themselves in their true Daily Mail colours.There are already signs that this is in the post. Venomous libertarian righty Devil’s Kitchen launched his first sally against the new Tory establishment with this attack on Boris Johnson’s tube booze ban:

(Boris) is now the most powerful Tory in the country and his policies are going to give some indication of what a Tory government might be like.

And Boris’s very first act is to implement a policy that is more authoritarian than that of NuLabour’s representative. It is a policy that involves more government interference in our daily lives (and if you think that this is the end of such policies then you are even more stupid than I thought).”

Because be in no doubt. A Cameron-led government will be as disappointing to many on the Right as the new Labour government was to those on the left.

Bienkov and DK are right here of course — Cameron’s Tories will be no friend to personal liberties. In fact sometimes I wonder whether Labour and the Tories shouldn’t just merge and call themselves the Labservatives. Because I can’t see and difference between Cameron and Blair, they are both smarmy ex-public schoolboys with no deep convictions about anything (except a belief that they should be prime minister), and happy to continue the War on Civil Liberties.

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