A platform for the BNP

Adam Bienkov thinks that the policy of “no platform for the BNP” is a mistaken one, because when they’re given a platform and allowed to speak for themselves, they tend to show themselves in a light that isn’t at all appealing:

I have always thought that the ‘no-platform’ approach is wrong. To deny the far-right a voice is to give them a status that they do not deserve.

But as it is, the vast majority of the almost 200,000 people that gave Barnbrook a first or second preference vote, have never seen him speak in public. For these voters, the fact that their man has seemingly been hidden by the media, will only have hardened his appeal.

Now if over the past few months Barnbrook had instead occupied the seat of Lindsey German at the various hustings and TV appearances, then his appeal could have been dramatically reduced. Rather than being seen as the maverick outsider speaking for the ’silent majority,’ Barnbrook would have been exposed as the racist loudmouth that he is.

Unfortunately, the media enabled Barnbrook and the BNP to pose as victims of a vast conspiracy intent on hiding and destroying them.

He posts a YouTube video of Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s candidate for London Mayor, demonstrating the man’s utter lack of charm or credibility. See it here.

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4 Responses to A platform for the BNP

  1. flipside says:

    billericaydicky — on 4th May, 2008 at 9:47 am
    Can I put the figures for the BNP vote in the last elections in perspective. Firstly they stood six hundred and fifty candidates around the country outside London and gained ten seats. As has been pointed out their London wide vote increased by about half a percent.

    On the face of it they would seem to be doing badly but there are a number of factors which should be taken into consideration. Firstly the biggest campaign every launched against them took place over the three months prior to the elections.

    More than five million area specific pieces of literature were delivered and,working with local journalists, anti BNP stories were placed in local and national newspapers.

    A Searchlight/Daily Mirror opened topped bus toured the country with local celebrities like Alan Sugar and boxer Amir Khan and stars from Coronation Street and The Bill endorsing the campaign.

    In London alone six hundred and fifty thousand copies of a tabloid paper printed by the Mirror were distributed. That’s a lot of newsprint, it took me and two other people using a fork lift truck half a day to unload and store them.

    Lastly on the 29th almost every tube and mainline station in London was targeted with a special leaflet with Alan Sugar on the front saying to the BNP “You’re fired”.

    This unprecedented type of campaign isn’t hacking into their support it is just holding them back in terms of first past the post elections. What is worrying is that they are getting good returns in areas that have never seen an asylum seeker and in parts of outer east and south east London are regularly into double figures.

    Whereas in inner city areas they hack into the Labour vote in outer areas they are starting to do the same with the Tory one. Overall the situation is one of containment and there is no room for complacency.

    They have also been hampered by an attempted coup against Griffin late late year which although put down weakened the party in Scotland and parts of the north of England.

    What Barnbrook’s election has done is to give them access to resources that they have never had before and to put them in a postion for the Euro elections which is run on a PR system.

  2. MatGB says:

    Flipside: “As has been pointed out their London wide vote increased by about half a percent.

    Or by 50% depending on how you do the maths, 90K last time, 130K this, massive increase in turnout (especially for formerly stay-at-home Tories) stopped them getting more seats.

    there is no room for complacency

    This is very true—one of their new Cllrs is just up the road from me (Calderdale, W. Yorks), so I’ll probably work that ward next election.

    What is worrying is that they are getting good returns in areas that have never seen an asylum seeker

    Which is part of the problem—they’re praying on fear and prejudice, the more removed you are from the problem the more likely you’ll believe some urban myths.

  3. flipside says:

    I didn’t write the above,i was just pointing out that there is a vast conspiracy against the BNP,is it a good thing?If stopping peoples democratic right to vote for the party they feel best represents them and gives voice too their concerns then,then what?It can’t be.

  4. Alex says:

    I’m actually fairly happy with the usual trajectory of a BNP candidate; election, followed by embarrassment, disappointment, and defeat, that is if they don’t manage to be kicked off the council for nonattendance or worse first. I don’t think they’ve ever retaken a seat they lost, which suggests the voters’ learning curve is pretty rapid.

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