The goals of Includipedia

I have a post up at Includipedia Blog, detailing my goals for Includipedia, my project to create an inclusionist fork of Wikipedia. Here’s a summary:

Includipedia is a for-profit organisation which aims to fund itself by advertising. But although Includipedia is for profit, it’s not just for profit. We have other goals, too: we want to encourage open content, including free software/open source. So we’ll be developing software for MediaWiki and other projects, and giving it back to the community under open source licences. One project we’re particularly interested in is OpenStreetMap, because non-free alternatives such as Google Maps restrict what you can do with the data.

Our long-term goal is to bring all the world’s information to all the world’s people.

I then go on to detail some things that this implies:

Some people cannot afford an Internet connection. It may be that mesh networking will help to solve that problem; if so we can develop or fund suitable mesh networking software.

Another way to help people afford an Internet connection (and other things) is to help them be richer. Perhaps Includipedia could do a tie-in with organisations such as Kiva to allow the businesses they fund to have micro-wikis on the Includipedia site.

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