What now for Cuba?

Castro steps down:

Cuba’s ailing leader Fidel Castro has announced he will not accept another term as president, ending the communist revolutionary’s 49 years in power.

Either the Communist Party will stay in power, or there will be some reform, leading to multi-party elections. Especially in the latter case, the question is which of the world powers will have most influence there:

Washington has called for Cuba to hold free elections, and said its decades-long embargo would remain. A senior US state department official, John Negroponte, added that the 1962 embargo would probably not be lifted “any time soon”.

The European Union said it hoped to relaunch ties with Cuba that were almost completely frozen under Mr Castro, while China described Mr Castro as an old friend and said it would maintain co-operation with Cuba.

Europe has two advantages over the USA and China: (1) unlike the USA, Europe hasn’t been harming Cuba with a trade embargo, and (2) Cubans are linguistically and culturally a European people. So if the EU doesn’t do anything incompetent, it will have a lot of influence over the new Cuba. Maybe it could offer Cubans the status of an EU colony — like Bosnia and Kosova currently are in effect — in return for a fast-track to EU membership?

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2 Responses to What now for Cuba?

  1. opit says:

    American Sugar enslaved Cubans for two centuries.
    JFK pulled air cover and wouldn’t allow the CIA the preferred ‘landing site’ : but they went ahead with “The Bay of Pigs” anyway.
    Fidel has barely made his announcement and the US is loudly announcing its intention to interfere with internal Cuban politics. I sure wonder what the Russkies got from JFK to solve the Cuban missile crisis after the US thought ICBMs in Turkey would be neat.
    The Russians are flush with cash from oil sales and p.o.’ed with the US over missile installations in Eastern Europe. Sure seems like GWB is trying to repeat history.
    I’m sure the kind attentions of the only country to embargo Cuba for ages will be met with the cynicism it deserves.

  2. George Carty says:

    Why would the US have put ICBMs in Turkey? I think you mean MRBMs or IRBMs.

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