Hugo Swire MP is an incompetent shit

Hugo Swire, MP for East Devon, thinks the government should mandate Internet filtering for children:

Internet service providers should offer a two-tier system, with users able to pick content suitable for adults or children, a Tory MP has said.

Hugo Swire said the “default” setting would be for children, with a password or PIN needed for unfiltered material. A Whitehall department should create a blacklist of unsuitable sites, he said.

Most UK households have an Internet connection. Many of these households have children in them. You’d think that if there was significant demand for something like this, the market would provide such a service. (Hey, I thought the Tories believed in markets?) Alternately, if no-one is providing this, and many people want it, surely that’s an opportunity for Mr Swire to make some money — he could set up an ISP to satisfy all this unfulfilled demand.

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