Stephen Fry on Linux

In his review of the Asus Eee, Stephen Fry makes the claim:

The two great pillars of Open Source are the GNU project and Linux. I shan’t burden you with too much detail, I’ll just make the outrageous claim that your computer will be running some descendant of those two within the next five years and that your life will be better and happier as a result.

He bases this claim on the Asus Eee, and future systems like it, which will replace the bloated Microsoft operating system with something simple that can run on cheap and small hardware devices:

The Asus EEE PC perched on my knee combines GNU software with a Linux kernel powered by an Intel Celeron Mobile Processor to produce a very extraordinary little laptop. It weighs less than a kilogram, starts up from cold in about 12 seconds and shuts down in five. It has no internal hard disk and no CD drive. It offers 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a seven-inch display; wireless, dial-out modem and ethernet adaptors are available for networking and internet connections, three USB ports, mini-jack sockets for headphones and microphone, a VGA out, an SD card slot and a built-in webcam. All for about £200 – less than the price of a show, dinner and taxi for two in London’s West End.

When you press the EEE’s power button, the lightning speed and quietness of boot-up tell you that you are in the hands of a solid state flash drive: no vulnerable moving parts and buzzing platters here. Within seconds a tabbed screen will appear on your display: the tabs are labelled Internet, Work, Learn, Play, Settings and Favourites. A click on each reveals a page containing bright, clear icons that relate to 40 separate applications and half a dozen or so selected web links. The applications include Skype, Firefox, Thunderbird (the Mozilla mail client) and, an Open Source suite of applications that allows you to create and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

Is Fry right? Maybe. Microsoft are more and more being seen as irrelevant.

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3 Responses to Stephen Fry on Linux

  1. Alex says:

    Their competitive strategy appears to be at the moment that they make sure that their applications are not just incompatible with open-source ones; they’re incompatible with *their own file formats if generated by a nonkosher application*.


  2. Chris says:

    Linux is more bloated than windows xp. Even n the EEEpc.

  3. cabalamat says:

    Linux is more bloated than windows xp.

    If that was true then the original version of the Eee would be able to run XP as well as Linux. But it can’t — XP requires more disk space than Linux to run. So you’re wrong.

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