Looks like I’m not the only one who finds UKIP’s silence on Britain’s subservience to the USA odd:

Another thing I find interesting is that there is a (very small) political party in Britain called UKIP which stands for UK Independence Party that bangs on and on ad nauseam about how Europe robs this country of its sovereignty (with some justification at times) and never has anything to say about the far more serious erosion of British sovereignty by the United States. After all, France, for example, doesn’t have 10,000 troops stationed here and doesn’t dictate who can or cannot be a minister. As part of the EU, Britain does at least have some sort of input on EU policy. This isn’t the case with America where we just do as we are told and make no contribution to US policy. Our extradition treaties within the EU are reciprocal, unlike the one-sided arrangement we have with the USA. If UKIP really believes in UK independence and wishes to be taken seriously, it should look beyond the EU as well.

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One Response to UKIP

  1. Its true, with the USA we are the smaller power and so have to do what they say. In Europe we are one of the bigger powers and have far more influence. EU is the way to go. (Unless UKIP think we should be completely on our own in the world)

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