BBC gets it wrong about Wi-Fi

Earlier this year, the BBC screened a documentary, “Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal“, which made misleading claims that it was harmful to health.

Now they’ve admitted they got it wrong:

The BBC has upheld complaints against an edition of the current affairs programme Panorama.

Two viewers said Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal exaggerated the evidence for concern about the potential health hazards of wireless technology.

The BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) said the programme “gave a misleading impression of the state of scientific opinion on the issue”.

I’ve some advice for the BBC: when making science programmes, employ presenters who know a bit about science. The BBC wouldn’t employ football commentators who don’t know what the penalty spot is, or political commentators who don’t know who Gordon Brown is. Similarly, people presenting science programmes — including documentaries with significant science content — should know enough about science not to make a complete tit of themselves.

UPDATE: Bad Science is covering this here.

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