Mad Mel on Annapolis

Melanie Phillips has written a piece on the Annapolis conference. In it she talks about how threatened she thinks Israel is and how important it is that Israel is defended. I may discuss Annapolis later, but consider: Phillips, a British Jew, was 22 years old during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. She did not at the time or later, go to Israel and join its armed forces. Surely the rational and honest thing to do would be to fight for what she believes in?

But I doubt if rationality and honesty are her strong suits. How can they be when she flirts with creationism (which she thinks should be taught in schools), when she believes in the media’s MMR hoax, when she — without the scientific background to understand the evidence — thinks global warming is a “fraud” and a “con-trick“? Indeed the only talent Phillips has shown in her entire worthless life is talking bullshit.

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